What to Expect in 2021

This is a follow up to my previous post. Today I want to dive deeper into how one can prepare for and benefit from the upcoming trends in the years ahead.

2020 came with a set of surprising events that changed how the world operates as a whole. Many businesses are down, travelling changed and our way of living has dramatically changed. We’re not fully through everything just yet, but I’m sure we’ll pull through and get back on our feet stronger than before.

Its this world on the other side of this pandemic that we want to focus on. I have some ideas on what trends to look out for. Let’s go through some of those ideas:

1. It’ll Be A Rocky Ride

To anyone who has been following the news recently, the year certainly started with a bang. While I wish it wasn’t so, I see more instability coming toward us this year.

The world seems divided at the moment. The situation between the have’s and have-not’s, politics as a whole, and even the racial divide has been deepening. It is difficult to predict what will come out of this, but let’s hope for a peaceful outcome.

Based on these trends, this year will be the year of the individual and their community. In order to do well, one has rise up as a valuable member of their community, no matter how big or small that may be. Spend more time learning, getting stronger and helping your closest family and friends. In a divided environment, unity becomes a key area of strength.

2. Some Jobs May Never Come Back

It should come as a no surprise that some sectors in the job market have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. Some of the most notable ones would be in service as well as travel sectors.

Even if life was to go back to what it was by next summer, it wouldn’t bring all these jobs back. Quite a few businesses already went bankrupt, or are close to that state, and there simply aren’t enough people willing to start a business right now. That being said, once the economy gets going once again, there will be a lot of demand, but not a whole lot of supply.

This presents an opportunity for those who no longer have a job to steer their efforts toward other industries. Undoubtedly it is also an opportunity for daring entrepreneurs to open up a local business.

3. Tech Is Here To Stay

It was inevitable for this to happen. The tech revolution has been on its way for quite some time now, and 2020 just hastened to process.

You can expect IT and AI related fields to do well in the upcoming years. Working remotely will become a norm. The world is going to be more and more connected through IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

This means primarily two things: both the related infrastructure as well as solution engineers will be in high demand. Perhaps this could be an attractive career path for many.

4. Social Distancing Beyond 2021

Social distancing and some of the other procedures will be with us from now on. I expect this to be the case, because people are getting used to the idea.

I live in Finland, one of countries that handled the situation quite well the past year. This is one of the reasons for it:

Yes, this photo was taken BEFORE 2020 (around mid 2010’s in fact). This is a bunch of Finnish people waiting for a bus.

Yes, Finns actually do the whole social distancing by default. We’re rather weird, I know. Or should I say, we respect one’s personal space. We’re used to it, so this is what we do.

I may not be giving a scientific reasoning for this, but some habits will be difficult to break once you get used to them. Also, some of the social distancing rules may just be enforced in the future.

5. People Will Start Growing Their Own Food

Considering the economic impact of recent events, it is easy to see people would start growing their own gardens.

Some might do it out of necessity, while others will see it as a hobby. Some just want to avoid human contact altogether.

I would say that this is a positive trend that everyone should at least consider. It’s easy to get started with and the results are rather positive.

What Are Your Thoughts?

These are my thoughts, but I’m also interested in hearing your opinion on this.

What do you think? What will happen in 2021?


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