Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is one of the most well known self-help / get rich books out there. Originally released in 1937, the book opened the door to many other self-help gurus that now plague the Internet forums. This book, however, is the original, the real deal, and for a good reason.

Initially I came across this book perhaps around 10 years ago. I had heard about the book, but I never got to the point of actually reading it. I always had something better to do than to read book about essentially nothing. 5 years ago that changed. I sat down and started reading, and ended up finishing the book in one sitting. It had a magical effect on me.

5 years later I’m considerably happier and more successful. I can’t say if my current day success is all thanks to this book in particular, but what I can say it at least got me believing in my own ability to create a future for myself. It set me straight and got me on the right path.

I highly recommend you read the book for yourself, but I also wanted to give you the essentials that you find within the book itself. Here’s how to achieve success, at least according to Napoleon Hill:

  1. It all starts with the mastery of your own mind. You must rid yourself of any fears, doubts and negativity. You must stop yourself from procrastination. You must see yourself as a winner and never become a defeatist.
  2. If your aim is to become wealthy, you must set yourself very precise goals. Write down the specific amount of money you want to attain and the exact date you aim to have that amount in your possession. What you have written down, you must say out loud daily and keep the note visible to you so you can repeat this “mantra” every morning. Repeat this mantra daily.
  3. Next you must decide what you will sacrifice in order to achieve your goal(s). Yes, you must sacrifice something in order to get what you truly want.
  4. Seek a group of expert and create a “Master Mind” group and figure out how to compensate them for their time. Humans work much better in groups, so finding a group of like-minded individuals is an important step towards riches.
  5. Commit to the program. Re-assess whenever needed; analyze the progress as well as yourself. Don’t let failure stop you – as it is just a temporary setback.


Napoleon Hill might have started an avalanche of “get rich” influencers with Think and Grow Rich, but rather than looking at it as “just another one of those”, I choose to look at it as the original one, with some great value on its pages.

In my case the book got me thinking straight about goalsetting. It also taught me about how important planning and teamwork truly are, and also what NOT to do when chasing success. This doesn’t mean I don’t stumble from time-to-time, I do, but I also get up and keep going much faster than before.

I recommend reading the book for yourself, as it might help you think… and maybe grow rich.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

  1. This is a great book no doubt about it. After reading Intelligent Investor, I found that Benjamin Graham also had some similar views. English is not my mother tongue, but Napoleon Hill has used simple language in writing the book, so that I did not have any problem in reading this book.

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    1. They do overlap a little bit, with Graham’s work having more practical uses. Intelligent Investor is a must-read book if you’re interested in investing and money management.


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