The Coming Collapse of The System

If you’ve read my previous articles, Your Life Is A Lie and The Enemy And How To Defeat It, this post will further expand from the same concepts I’ve previously talked about.

The System, or the world as we once knew, is coming to its end.

No, I’m not talking about meteors falling from the sky or demons crawling from the pits of hell (although, who knows…), but rather that we’ve just come to the point in history where some hard decisions need to be made.

In this article I will try to envision what the collapse may look like based on what I’ve read, heard or seen. I will attempt to show you examples from history to what similar system collapses have been like.

While the article will be written and read linearly, the actual collapse may happen in a different order, or all at once. It’s impossible to know what will exactly happen before it actually happens.

Also, this post will be a bit more on the crazy side – as all predictions are. Take what you read with a grain of salt.

But before we get to the actual topic at hand, let’s take a look why the system will collapse:

Why “The System” Will Collapse

As I’ve previously eluded to in my article(s), we are living in a world that is built on lies. One could say this is a simulation of some sort. The systems that surround us are built to support “The System” itself. Unfortunately, the system has become too heavy to support itself due to it being a lie, so now it must collapse in on itself – and it will.

That is the conclusion I came to in my previous article(s). However, there’s more to the topic.

See, the people at the top see themselves as the rulers of the world have always seen themselves fit to rule and control other people. They think they are smarter and overall better than the common folk. Sounds familiar? That’s because it is.

Previously in history the rulers thought that they even have “blue blood” running through their veins. Because of their “extraordinary” origins, they were fit to rule over others. They would also only breed with others who had royal blood. This is a rather common part of history that at least Europeans are familiar with.

To a normal person this may seem like some kind of mental illness, and it probably is, but you see the ruling elite must make up stories for themselves to somehow justify their actions.

I’m here to inform you that this kind of thinking never disappeared from the Earth. It has always been there, and it still is there, in the background somewhere. That’s who “they” are. The big club of the big club, the royal elite of the world. All from families of yore.

This is also why no one can join the club. You must be born into it to join them. They do not want to taint their bloodlines with weak blood.

That is why I’m confident many of the people in the “big club” (as George Carlin puts it) are only being used until a certain point; until they’re not useful anymore. You’re not in the REAL big club, chiefand you never will be.

That being said, the royal elite of the world are not that talented or smart. This is what will happen to any bloodline over centuries (or millennia) of inbreeding. They get dumber over time. On top of this inherent problem, they only seem to plan and scheme with other people just like them, and voila you’ve got yourself quite the disaster soup in your hands.

This is the reason why “The System” exists. It is there to use people with real talent and brainpower to do something for the rich elite. If your “super power” is the fact that you managed to amass a large amount of wealth through your family lines, and you’d like to keep your position as the head of the system, you will need some serious help to keep you in power.

But the elite has run into a problem. Once upon a time the system grew too large and too complex. It has become impossible to control all the parts of the system. That, and the system itself being a big fat lie, create a fabulously dangerous combination. It must now be demolished, and later rebuilt from the ground up.

The Elephant In The Room

What is the role of “The System”? To control the actions, the thoughts and even the size of the population as a whole. It’s all about control. The few controlling the many.

What do I mean with the system becoming too complex?

The system has many moving parts that are all connected to one another: the governments, the media, the medical industry, the school system, the banking system and even entertainment. All of these have grown way too large to fully control, so mostly only the mainstream branches of each system are under full control. That’s where the problems begin.

The real big problem for the elite is that they created and released technology that was originally meant for control, but ultimately the very same technology also created enough freedom for people to connect and research at will – without the burden of the mainstream systems. If you didn’t fully connect the dots yet, I’m talking about the Internet.

In the right hands, the Internet is the modern equivalent of Library of Alexandria. But as you know, it contains a whole lot of junk, and many fall prey to the distractions.

Other than the junk, it also has enough information to piece it all together, and on top of that, it allows people to connect and share ideas all around the world. That is the reason why some people were able to escape the Matrix and free themselves from clutches of The System. The number of people who have woken up to the reality is growing day by day. The elite can no longer control the flow of information.

A great example of this human freedom are video games. If you played games in the early 90s and early 2000s, you most likely have experienced some level of ridicule from your peers. Even the media attacked gamers in the early days:

To the people who played games in the early days, they know why they played games: for entertainment and to escape “reality”. In a weird way, games felt more real than the world around us. Or at least they made more sense. Later on, knowing what the “reality” really consists of, the gamers weren’t wrong with their instincts.

However, now the mainstream game industry has also been taken over and turned into just another tool for control. It’s easy to see, and gamers can feel it too. There’s always some kind of agenda to push. It is the end of gaming. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

Another form of control that is under attack is the monetary system itself. It’s difficult to have missed it, but just in case you have: Bitcoin represents a distinct mistrust in the official monetary system by the public.

I’m not fully supportive of the entire crypto movement, as it is built on top of the old control grid, but it has woken up many people to the facts surrounding “Fiat” currencies. It has also opened up many new avenues and ways of doing things in a decentralized manner, which in a way is returning the power back to the people. The decentralized network is growing at a rapid rate, and much like information, getting out of the grip of control of the few.

So the elite has run into some problems. There’s too much information, and there are too many people trying to figure things out. It’s an uncontrollable situation, for them. The elite must, and will, try to get the power back through any means necessary, but in the end it will not work.

Too many people already know the truth, and many more will wake up to the reality before this mess is over.

Signs Of The Coming Collapse

I was thinking of pointing out the media, medical and government officials lying in this section of the article, but thankfully, we have something even better. Question time!

What is your opinion on how the whole Afghanistan fiasco was handled?

Could something have been done better?

Is this a sign of a functional system?

You see, at this point I don’t even need to say anything. Everyone can clearly see something isn’t working.

I’ll also give you some reading material: Nuremberg Code, Geneva Convention, Helsinki Accords, Human Rights, The Constitution of Finland (in English. Find your own country’s constitution.)

If you go through that reading material, you should be able to answer this question: Does anything jump at you as being broken at this very moment? Breaking some of these laws and agreements results in death sentence. In case of breaking the constitution, it simply means treason. Meaning, no one is going to say “yes, I totally broke that agreement / law“. NO ONE.

They either don’t care, or they just don’t want to admit what they’ve done. Yet, they’re fully aware of what they’ve done. They will continue on this path until they can’t do it anymore.

What do you think about the constant currency printing?

How about the nonsensical rent moratoriums?

There are too many things to point out. It’s all broken at this point. I’m sure anyone reading can find their own things to point out. What I can say is, there are more problems than there are solutions, and the issues will only mount up from here.

There is no saving this system. And it might be by design, which would mean the elite controlling the media and governments are simply using these institutions to carry out their plan, while also making them take all the blame. Causing the people hate their immediate rulers.

Sooner or later something or someone is going to snap. Once that happens, a counter reaction will also happen… and so on. It is a deliberate destruction of the system. Unless stopped, this will be the end of us all.

Why do I say it could be deliberate?

Are you familiar with the Georgia Guidestones?

Erected in 1979, these guidestones located in Georgia (America) contain 10 commandments for humanity in 8 modern languages. Nobody knows where the stones came from. One day they just sat there for everyone to see. This, despite them clearly costing millions to build and to move to their location.

Now you might be interested to know, what are the 10 commandments written in these stones?

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion—faith—tradition—and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the Earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.

What you can tell from this is that the goal is to massively reduce population, and to create one world government and one world religion, together with one world language and justice system. Also, 500,000,000 people would be much, much easier to control than several billion people. It also has a certain stench of Marxism built into it.

Oh yeah, it also mentions “useless officials”. I wonder who that could be. Somebody’s being thrown under a bus.

Perhaps it is time to consider the message on the stones seriously, as the people behind them seem to be serious about it.

There was also this TED talk:

Bill Gates is talking about reducing the carbon commissions to near zero in 4 different categories. He also mentions reducing population with vaccines, and if they do a fantastic job with them, a reduction of 10 to 15 percent in overall population is plausible. I’m not going to imply anything, but you are free to come to your own conclusions.

All that being said, the signs of a collapse are quite clear to me. I’m not telling you everything I’m aware of here, but I guess its best to leave some research up to the reader. This is as far as I go, without stepping too far into the conspiracy theories – but any individual reader should start to consider some of those as well. Just don’t believe everything you’re being told.

Time to move on.

What could trigger the collapse of the system?

How about a “cyber pandemic”:

When they openly talk about their plan, you should probably pay attention.

As a side note, he looks suspiciously like Dr. Evil (the main villain) from Austin Powers movies:

With the groundwork out of the way, I have my own ideas how things will start really falling apart. Let’s go through some ideas:

The Financial System Collapse

Despite everything that is already happening around us, I still think this is the first system to collapse. All other systems will fall like dominoes after the monetary system finally implodes.

It all starts from the realization that the whole central banking scheme has always been a lie and that our currency units do not have any value backing them up.

Eventually, as the currency printing accelerates, people will want to exchange their useless pieces of paper for anything of greater value. This is called hyperinflation.

Relevant information from this website:

Here’s a great mini video about hyperinflation in Zimbabwe:

Now, its easy to see this happening in a smaller nation, but it won’t be quite as easy to do with currencies that the whole world uses. Currencies like the dollar, Euro and then Yen. That doesn’t mean reality won’t catch up to their currency printing as well. And when it does, it won’t be pretty.

What I imagine is going to happen is, the currency printing will get out of control. At that point (I will use US as an example) The Fed will have no choice but to choose from one of two BAD options:

  1. Continue currency manipulation and print more!
  2. Stop printing currency, halting the problem momentarily – and collapsing the system.

The problem with either choice is that they both end the same: with the system collapsing. The choice is to either inflate away the currency, or stop the party and suffer immediate consequences.

When monetary system itself is in trouble, it will also lead to banks themselves being in trouble. To prevent banks from collapsing, they can in certain cases, use bail-ins to legally withdraw funds from accounts in the bank(s). Also tighter control on how much physical currency notes can be withdrawn from the bank accounts will be implemented at some point. We know this will happen, because banks have used similar tactics before, like during the 1930’s crash and recently in Greece.

Two articles related to bank bail-ins: Ugly Greek Bank Resolutions and Depositor Bail-Ins Coming Soon and Greek Bail-in Cometh as EU Tightens Control.

And a video for extra context:

This simply means that your currency is not safe in a bank when the collapse finally comes.

In addition, and it should not come as a surprise to you, but the stock market is going to crash at some point.

Jeremy Grantham gave an excellent interview on Bloomberg (of all places):

There are ways to prolong the inevitable, and I imagine all possible options will be used on the way towards the grave.

One of the options is to use SDRs (Special Drawing Rights). It’s like a World Currency created by the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Funny thing is, the people behind the IMF are the same scammers as the people behind Central Banks, so of course, this is just another scam. But it’ll prolong the inevitable collapse.

Second option is to create CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Everyone reading this already knows it is in the works at least in the EU, and in China it’s already in use. I wouldn’t cheer at the idea of CBDC, because you’re essentially surrendering all of your rights to free choice by using these currencies.

Social Credit system? Check.

Disappearing funds from your CBDC account if you’ve been naughty? Check.

Control over what you can or can not buy? Check.

ALL of your transactions will be tracked and traced... and worse. NO MORE PRIVACY! NO MORE FREEDOM!

If the central banks manage to pull this trick off, it will once again prolong the inevitable, and it will also be the ultimate form of control over people.

That being said, neither of these tricks will work, and the system will collapse. It is also possible that the elite will let the system collapse first, and then offer these fantastic control tools (from their point of view) to the people.

Here’s a great video on this topic:

I guess I don’t really need to explain how a worthless currency would destroy everything connected to it by demolishing ways of transaction between people. It would be like us going back to the dark ages and trading sticks for stones once again.

This is the most obvious system to collapse. It was the first one I discovered before I delved deeper into the topic. But there are way more problems in our future than “just” the financial system collapsing.

The Supply Chain Collapse

All of the upcoming collapses are connected to the financial system collapsing, but any of the other systems self-destructing alone could also be the starting point of the entire collapse. Dominoes. Falling.

The world has become more and more connected over the years. The supply chains span over the entire globe. This progress began accelerating once merchant ships started sailing across the ocean into other continents. Today, it is a sophisticated system of connected points. There are supply chains that connect to other supply chains, and breaking any of them could create massive ripple effects.

We had an example of a supply chain disruption earlier this year in the Suez Canal:

However, ships are not the only problem.

What about trucks and truck drivers?

How about planes and pilots?

If there is a disruption in the supply chain that limits the amount of fossil fuels being delivered from place X to Y, it could halt the entire operation for a limited time, which would then also slow down other supply chains connected to the previous one.

What about when needed parts for repair are stuck in middle of a supply chain because of disruptions?

How about truck drivers, pilots and ship’s staff who refuse to comply with the coming mandates? Not everyone will agree to what is being asked of them. Like it or not.

When you ask questions like this, you start to see the bigger picture. It is a big mess, and we’re already seeing signs of it breaking: Chip shortages. Items not being delivered on time, or in some cases ordered items go missing altogether. Etc.

Once supply chains break, it means there will be disruptions in item, and especially in food delivery.

When it comes to possible famine that results on this, I recommend Neil McCoy-Wards excellent 3 part series on the Great Depression:

Prices will rise and there will be less of any given unit available for purchase. The governments might even demand price fixing and order that only a certain amount of products can be purchased per household.

This has happened in our history, and for similar reasons, so why wouldn’t it be the same case today? You must at least consider the possibility of it happening.

Here’s another interview on the topic of inflating prices:

What I discussed here goes beyond supply chains, but you must understand it is all connected. Supply chains breaking just happen to break the neck of the economy while it is on-going.

Anyway, lets continue our way through the muddy waters.

The Healthcare System Collapse

Depending on if you believe the news or not, our healthcare system is currently under tremendous stress. Supposedly there’s too much work and too few workers to do all of it. But it’s not for reasons you might imagine.

I’ve consulted multiple doctors (I have many doctor friends), and watched videos and interviews on this topic. As it turns out, it is not the amount of patients that is the problem, but all of the extra steps the medical staff has to take while taking care of each patient.

The patients can’t now be visited by their family members, so the medical staff has to continuously call their families to inform them or the patient’s current medical condition. Add on top of this all the new medical procedures each patient needs to go through, and you can see how a single staff member is now supposed to do two or three times the workload they used to have to do.

Next are, once again, the mandates that either are in place or are coming. Not everyone will agree to it, so they’ll eventually have to quit.

You can’t become a doctor or a nurse after 2 weeks of training. It takes years of schooling to become a medical professional. You start at around 20 and get out of school closer to 30 years old, if your goal is to become a doctor.

What happens once the staff numbers start to dwindle and they can’t be easily replaced?

This will cause the workers who are left behind to have to work even harder, and they’ll eventually quit or start performing their tasks much worse than before.

Your only option in this case is then to use private practices that are much more expensive than public ones. Not just because there’s no staff in public healthcare, but also because you can’t get an appointment.

You see how the disaster is already written on the wall?

That was nice (“nice”). But we’re not done yet.

The Education System Collapse

This is the one system I’m not too sad about if I see it collapsing.

The education system is simply there to put people through the ringer and to indoctrinate them for a “greater purpose”. Someone else’s purpose.

I don’t care if universities blow up and we need to then create a new kind of system from the ashes. Good riddance. It’s about time.

For me as a Finn, this is not a problem that really concerns me, yet. See for a Finn, the education we get is “free”. Taxpayers pay for our education. It’s not really free, considering the burden it puts on people and businesses in Finland, but let’s not delve too deep into the details.

For the most of the rest of the world, their education is not free. On top of this, in order for you to get a job with great salary, you are expected to get a university degree.

The problems start when you look at the cost of university tuition. These days it isn’t uncommon for people to take a loan to go to university, and then work a decade or two to pay back that loan. What a fantastic scam it really is.

This wouldn’t be such a massive problem on its own, but the cost of education has been going up in recent years, and based on what we know about the financial system, you can expect the prices to rise even more. This, together with housing and food prices inflating, and soon you’ll have to ask yourself: how is anyone going to be able to pay for their university education?

The education you get from a university is garbage. Pure garbage. Individual classes may be worth it, but university education as a whole? Forget about it. And I’ve been to university.

You need to go out your way to learn how the world really works. The university system will not teach how the financial system works, even if you study finance (it’s kind of bizarre situation, really). The system will not teach you about anything really. Most of the things you need to learn to perform a job, you’ll eventually learn from working, not studying about it.

This is not to say that those who aim to become lawyers, engineers or doctors (or equivalent) shouldn’t go to university. They should. But the vast majority of students aren’t learning what they really should be learning.

On top of this, we have the Internet now. You can find courses on any subject online, and become quite competent at almost anything. It’s not like universities are the only places on earth where information exists or is being taught.

Don’t be too sad about the education system collapsing. We already have much better alternatives available. We just need to continue on this path towards a freer education.

For now you can expect many parents to start home schooling their children, or sending them to private schools.

The Governmental And Media Collapse

Oh, I can’t wait for this one.

Actually, I believe many are hoping for this to happen, so I guess it won’t happen. Ah well.

My hope is that general population will finally come to realize that centralized form of control and large governments are not in their best interest.

The governments do not work for you. They should, but they don’t. It’s quite clear now. And the media works for the government.

The governments and media are now in this loop of continued lies. They will continue to lie, while also suppressing anything that goes against what they are currently promoting. How do they exactly imagine this will end? In conflict.

It might take a while for this realization to finally hit home for some people, and some may never wake up, but all of this nonsense will eventually come to an end. This is also when all the liars need to be held accountable for their deeds.

I guess for now our best bet is that the armies of any given country realize that their countries leaders are working against the best interest of their people. The people the soldiers swore to protect. If not, there will be some pain coming our way.

Personally, I’d rather take the pain than live under someone’s boot in tyranny for the rest of my life. No thanks.

That concludes my thoughts on the collapse of the system. I may return to this article to write down new thoughts as they arrive, but this’ll do for now.

In my next post I’ll talk about how to survive the coming collapse.

10 thoughts on “The Coming Collapse of The System

  1. I have to admit the laws on the stones give me pause. I do believe we are becoming too complex and too inhuman in our ideas. I never agreed to punish the whole class because one kid did a stupid thing, but we are doing that now. Don’t get me started about the stupidity of applying for a job; no human in attendance, just unfeeling computers.

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  2. Great hypotheses.
    It is in the interest of the elite to keep everyone else as non-elite. They are able to do this easily by saying they are doing stuff for the good of the non-elite. The non-elite brain short circuits and shuts down each time a leader of some calling, usually politics or business, says nice things to him about making him more powerful, richer and healthier. And so on…

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    1. You’ve got it. Technically, the old feudal system never went away; it just got suppressed.

      If you are interested in researching (some of) the connections, you can find a Wikipedia article on “Knights of the Royal Order of the Seraphim.” You’ll see just how connected everything is – and they’re quite open about it. And if you dig deeper (you may have already done so), you’ll find many, many more examples of elite gatherings.

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