The Right To Rule

Today we’re going to discuss who exactly has the right to rule, and who does not.

I will explain to you exactly how our world works. So read carefully.

It’s about to fall down.

Rule of The Jungle

How does society work exactly?

Do we need rulers by default?

Can people co-operate with one another as long as the rules are clear?

Humans are simple creatures. We live ordinary lives on this ordinary plane of existence.

We are ruled by invisible laws that we all understand by default. No one needs to tell us what those are.

People do not attack one another unless there is something to gain. Countries work exactly the same.

The exception happens when someone is overflown with emotion. It is void of logic.

Today, people are overflown with emotion all around us, so they do not understand the basic rules. The basic rules that keep everyone happy, safe and peaceful. This is deliberately so.

Because of these basic rules, the basic assumption is that no one needs to rule over us, because there is no need for it.

Yet, we will always have leaders. Why? Because its the rule of the jungle; the rule of the fittest. Some people just naturally gravitate towards that position and people choose them as leaders. No one needs to vote for a leader. It happens naturally.

Now, here is the problem: this means that there will always be a ruler, whether we like it or not. And someone can choose to become a ruler by themselves:

“If there’s going to be a ruler, it might just as well be me.

What is the problem with this? The problem is, people did not choose such a leader. This breaks the social conduct and our basic laws.




And now I’m going to explain to you exactly what is going on.

The Beast System

Yes, we are going there. The beast system. The number of the beast, 666.

Why is it called that?

What is it exactly?

Who do you think rules over people?

Long, long time ago someone or some people chose to become rulers of others by themselves. They (the families) are the king of the jungle: a beast. A beast ruling over man.

Yes, the beast system literally means exactly that. They are beast(s), because nobody chose them as leaders; they declared themselves kings and queens.


How do they stay in power?

There exists a cast system that creates other beasts. You can call it whatever you want, but people often refer to them as the Illuminati. And yes, ITS REAL.

The WHOLE WORLD is ruled by them. There are no countries or rulers, or political parties for that matter. It’s all fake. It’s a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Only illusion of choice exists; it’s a perpetual slave system.

They own all the mainstream politicians, celebrities and media figures. They are not the real rulers. They, too, are slaves to the beast system, because they have become beasts themselves.

Yes, they are slaves, and have no choice. They lost all their human rights as they became beasts. Beast on the outside; shivering and crying babies on the inside. They can’t call for help because that’s how the system works.

They aren’t blameless… but understand they really don’t want to be in their position any longer. Not by a long shot.

How do you join “the big club”?

Some people are born into it, but most are not. Most are enticed into it. A foot in the door tactic.

When its the right time, someone from the club will approach a potential candidate. They are offered whatever they desire for a little favour. Power, status, money, whatever they want the most.

The “little favour” is something indecent. Something they should not be doing. They start giving into their inner beast.

And once you’ve done it one time, its easier to do it the next time. And it gets progressively worse. They become non-human, by choice. A beast.

Because they are no longer human, they have no rights. They must do as they’re told. Or die.

They are sworn to secrecy; never to talk about the system; and only to marry from within the system.

This is the big club. And you don’t want to be in it.

Okay. It exists. I’m sorry.

We will fix this. Don’t worry.

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