The Game Of Life

Life is a game and we’re all participating players, knowingly or unknowingly.

There exists a theory that we’re living through a simulation, much like in the movie The Matrix. It’s possible. Probable? You be the judge.

While it is an interesting theory (it most certainly is), it isn’t required for life to be understood as a game.

Like all other games, life has set rules and there are optimal ways of playing the game. The vast majority spend their entire lives just sailing through it all completely lost at sea, because they have no clue how to make the game more enjoyable for themselves and to people around them. You do it by understanding the rules and learning to bend reality to your will.

Note: the “optimal” way to play is often NOT the one the majority chooses.

What I’m going to present to you in this article are some uncomfortable truths. Some would, perhaps, call it offensive what I’m going to say. But it’s for the best.

Moreover, this article is primarily meant for men. I will show you what you need to do in order to become the king of the jungle. This is not to say women won’t benefit from reading the article. Just giving you a heads up. You’ve been warned.

Before we get to talking about strategies, we must first take a look at the setting we’re dealing with. Let’s do that next.

The Goal of Life

Source: Aziz Acharki

What is the ultimate goal of life? The ultimate goal of life is procreation. To pass on the genes. This is the goal of life, and everything else stems from it.

One can’t mistake the goal of life to mean the meaning of life or the purpose of life. These are separate issues entirely, as they are individual questions. You need to answer them yourself.

The goal of life itself is universal. This goal is something we (our genes) strife for at least subconsciously if not consciously.

When we procreate we pass on certain genes. These genes get transferred to the next generation. And so continues the process to infinity.

At certain times a genetic line comes to its conclusion. The person doesn’t wish to (they might be gay for example), or can’t procreate. They weren’t meant to. Their life had a different purpose.

Women and men have different approaches when it comes to reaching the goal of life. This is because:

  • Women are born with a certain amount of eggs and their years of being fertile are limited. The quality of these eggs also diminishes over time.
  • Men, on the other hand, produce near-infinite amount of sperm to old age.

Note: There is some scientific evidence towards women being able to produce more eggs during their lifetime, but its not major enough discovery to change things.

One way to look at this is to place women higher on the board of value than men, since their supply is limited, and there’s plenty of demand. Basic economics of life apply here as well.

Another way to look at it is to look at women as the receivers (they have the eggs) and men as the givers (they have the sperm).

All of this matters in terms of mating strategies.

Women are at their highest value biologically between their 20’s and early 30’s. Women know this at least subconsciously. Many women suffer from “baby fever” when they’re getting close to 30 years of age because their biological clock is telling them to get to it. Many of them do.

Men, too, understand that a woman in her early to mid twenties is valuable. And this is what many men strife for (as a partner) as a matter of fact. Especially older women hate this fact. Life isn’t fair, and never will be.

But unlike women, men are not at their most valuable in their 20’s. Women are beauty (and youth) objects, where as men are success objects. Very few men reach levels of noticeable success in their 20’s. Usually men get to their best years during their 30’s through early 50’s. Both men and women subconsciously know this. A man, in general, stays in the game longer – depending on if he plays his cards right.

This simply means that there are ideal periods of time for mating and accomplishing the goal of life for both sexes.

Note: Often times men try to get on this particular ladder too early and women too late. Doing either can lead to devastating consequences, but I’m not going to discuss this matter more in this article.

This is not nearly enough! We must delve deeper to figure out what are the beings that are men and women.

The Eye

You’ll come back to this…

What is a man? What is a woman? Well, you can shove your hand into your pants and try to determine which one you happen to be. Please keep that info to yourself.

To figure out what a man is, we need to think what the ideal man might be. Keywords for a man: masculine, (physically) strong, logical, rational, aggressive.

Woman is the opposite of what a man is: feminine, (physically) weak, calculating, (seemingly) irrational, passive.

But here I’m also going to have to say that women are mentally stronger than men, and there’s a reason why I use the word calculating rather than illogical. There’s logic to women’s way of thinking, but one (a man) needs to see it from their point of view. Same goes for rationality. Passive doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing, but rather that they’d avoid (direct) confrontation (not always the case).

The easy way to look at this is to think of men as dogs and women as cats. It’s a rather well known and apt comparison. Dogs are simple. You call them, they’ll come. You give them food and they’ll be happy. Cats? You call them… and they may come (usually won’t come unless they know you). You give them food, and they will often eat, but sometimes they’ll just take a sniff and leave the room. Cats act weird, and so do women – until you learn to play the game.

On top of this, women are known to be emotional and social, which are feminine traits. Men, on the other hand, are less emotional and less social. The less emotional you are, the more masculine you are, and same goes for sociality. Masculine men talk less, or at least use fewer words to get their point across.

The better way to understand both men and women is to take a look at how they bully their own kind (I talked about this in my previous article).

I used to be a bully. I’ve also observed and read how women bully one another. I understand how the dynamics work. Understanding how women and men bully one another will tell you a whole lot about each gender.

Bullies always come from a point of weakness. They are weak and they are trying to gain ground by bullying others. This is the case for both men and women. There’s nothing admirable about being a bully.

For men, bullying is rather simple. We get in each others faces and call each other names. After some time there might be a physical confrontation. Sometimes this doesn’t happen and the bullying is one-sided. Perhaps because the bully isn’t alone, or because the other person is too weak to stand up for himself. Bullying, in men’s case, will either stop when the one being bullied does something about the situation, or manages to successfully completely ignore the bullying (difficult to accomplish).

The reason why men bully other men is to ‘size one up’ and to test our strength. Men also bully other men to build each other up (though, this happens subconsciously). Men who stand up for themselves will learn a valuable life-lesson that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives. Fail to do it and you’ll regret it.

Source: Martin Olsen

For women its different. Physical confrontation is rare, but that doesn’t mean the bullying is any less harmful. I’d argue women can be much more effective at bullying than men, and downright cruel. Men, for example, rarely resort to self-harm because of bullying (though, it happens), but for women it is rather common.

Women are social creatures. The collective is important. This has more to do with biology than anything else. Because women are physically weaker than men and they are vulnerable when they are pregnant and taking care of a baby, a social group is what women naturally gravitate towards. This is why there always will be ‘girl’s groups’ on campuses, workplaces and elsewhere in life (because human biology demands it).

This means that girls will almost always team up to bully someone, because they are always in a group. So the bullying often ends up being a group effort. The one being targeted is usually someone who is alone or someone who used to be part of the group.

If its someone who is alone, it is to boost the ego of the girl group (and possibly because of jealousy). If its someone who used to be in the group, it is done as kind of a revenge. In groups there always is a leader, and sometimes there’s another person who shines brighter than said leader. Women, in general, are jealous creatures – and this (bullying) dynamic is no different. Jealousy turned into maliciousness.

Note: jealousy here can mean that there’s an interesting guy around (which is often the case), but it can also be something else.

This is how women bully:

They attempt to isolate the target. Isolation for women who depend on groups is the #1 tool of bullying. The way they accomplish this is by showing the target has no value (as a mating partner of otherwise). They spread rumours by talking behind the person’s back. Sometimes they make fun of the person in front of others just to make a point. And sometimes it gets physical.

The problem for women is that they depend on the group. Once isolated and ostracized, they realistically have only one option: find another group to join. A lonely girl is a sad sight. What if there is no other group to join? The bullying continues ad infinitum.

Women could, I suppose, stand up for themselves, but they’re not as physically strong as men – and they’re often facing a group rather than one person. This is not to say the group will actually do anything in case of physical conflict, but it does add pressure either way. And this is why I see female bullying as particularly cruel and malicious.

Of course, solo woman-on-woman bullying happens as well (bullying where group isn’t involved), but the bullying tactics do not change – nor do the reasons for bullying. It’s almost always jealousy that is the cause of female bullying. In case of female bullying, attempting to steal one’s mate can be considered bullying.

Source: Kristopher Roller

This next part isn’t necessarily related to this article. I’m taking you on a trip before we continue.

On female (feminine) bullying: Where have we heard this before? You know, isolating and ostracizing a target and spreading rumours about them to make others see them in bad light? Ah yes… SOCIALISM. Socialism is also where the collective is more important than the individual.

That’s right. Socialism is a feminine ideology. Any type of socialism. And now you know why your typical socialist (man or a woman) acts like a little girl, together with their temper tantrums.

But this is not all. Do you remember what Yuri Bezmenov said in his lectures:

Worth the watch

He implied that ones of the goals of (Soviet… Communist… Socialist) propaganda was to destroy, firstly, religion, and then the family unit by destroying the social construct.

Note: feminism was created by the same people who came up with socialism. It is not meant to help women, as they often claim.

Why do I bring this all up?

Well, you see, I’m going to talk about the eye. You know, the one in the dollar bill:

To be fair, any eye will do for what we’re going to do, but this one specifically has special connotation related to it. I want you to keep that connotation in mind as well.

Think of an eye (any eye will do) and turn it 90 degrees, and then use your imagination. What do you see? That’s right, the female organ.

Next step, we will take a look at this fine piece of art:

Yes, a female goat. That’s what it is. Some say transgender, but its definitely a female goat in my eyes.

And did you know the Roman Catholics advocate the worship of Mary?

I’m not going to say more on this topic. I just find this rather funny. Quite the eye, huh?

The question based on this: What if the leader of the ‘organisation’ is a girly girl? You know, they say that behind every powerful man is a strong woman.

You can come to your own conclusions, if any. At least you can’t un-see it now, so my mission has been accomplished.

Let’s continue with the actual point of this article. Quick.

Phew… what was that? Nevermind, we’ve got more important things to discuss.

So, why do both men and women bully their own? I’m asking this because some readers might have missed the point. The reason why either sex bullies one of their own is precisely because of the goal of life: procreation.

For men it is to determine who is the strongest = fittest. For women it is to show who is the centre of attention (the leader of the group of women) and best fit for a man. In both cases it is crude, but that’s exactly what bullies are.

Not everyone is a bully and not everyone gets bullied. The point is to show just how important procreation is to us, even when it happens almost entirely subconsciously. And also to show how each gender handles social situations (bullying IS a ‘social situation’) in their most primal way.

This is the info that we came here for: in general, men do it overtly where as women do it discreetly. Cats and dogs. Keep this in mind as we continue.

The Most Important Skill

Source: Nishant Kulkarni

What is the most important skill in life? This may surprise the reader, but its an easy question to answer: sales and marketing. Let me explain.

Whatever you choose to do in life, you are always selling something. Everyone is always selling something, whether they know it or not. What’s important to know is that not all sales lead to something of monetary value.

Basic understanding of sales and marketing is something like this: there’s a product, and you want to sell it. So you create a marketing campaign to make it look fine and like something someone out there would buy. Then you hire a sales guy to do the sales. This is more or less how it goes.

Well, what if you start thinking of yourself as a product that you are selling? Because whether you know it or not, that’s exactly what you are – you are both the product and the sales person, marketing yourself to the world. ALL human interaction is based on this premise.

When you’re looking for a job, you’re marketing yourself. When you’re talking to a person of interest, you’re marketing yourself. When you are marketing or selling something for someone else, you are also marketing yourself.

Whenever you talk or write something, you are marketing yourself. Whenever you are in the public (even without uttering a word), you are marketing yourself.

Looking at yourself from this perspective gives you enormous leverage if you know what you are doing. How to know what to do? Easy! Learn marketing and sales. HA!

This is how I got started:

Brian Tracy is highly recommended. It’s basic, yes, but that’s exactly where you want to get started.

A few years ago I began studying self-improvement, which eventually led me to sales and human psychology.

I listened to multiple online ‘gurus’ on the subject, and came to realise they were good at sales, but what they actually wanted me to do was to buy their product. They didn’t actually want to help me.

What helped was when I first listened to Brian Tracy on the topic. He makes it all sound so clear and simple, which it is.

After listening to Brian Tracy, I wanted to learn more. This led me to read the book ‘Never Split The Difference,” by Chris Voss, an ex-FBI interrogator. The book turned my world around when it came to sales and marketing, and it also made me realize how good at interrogators are at their job, and how great they could be at marketing. Which then led me to find criminology, and JCS much later:

All of this then caused me to be interested in human psychology. Through this route I learned that roughly 90% (actually, could be more than that) of all human interaction is NON-VERBAL. Your body language, tone of voice and micro expressions are far, far more important than the words you say (words do still matter, however).

The best part about all of this is that people naturally read up cues when it comes to body language and micro expressions. All of us can tell when someone’s words and actions do not match, even on a micro level. Some of us just forget to listen to our intuition. To help you with that, I recommend this audiobook:

Somewhere in middle of this process I started working for myself without any experience in the field. I became a copywriter, and soon I found myself a client, and another client, and yet another client… Within 3 years of doing this, I started to consider myself fairly successful at the craft, and you’d be surprised to hear the companies I’ve worked with (contractual agreements prohibit me from telling you more about it).

What I learned from my marketing studies and career were life skills that helped me elsewhere as well. It helped me make friends, establish business relationships and get to places I would otherwise have had no chance of getting into.

Marketing and sales truly is the most important skill in life, and you must spend some time learning it – no matter what field you are studying or working in. This is the only must-have skill in your arsenal.

With this skill in your bag, lets move on.

The Money Master

Source: Ruthson Zimmerman

I never quite understood why people are so obsessed with riches. It makes no sense to me.

I never cared to have a bunch of cash. Its just something you use to get something else you really want. So, why would anyone want to hoard cash? I don’t get it.

Yet, I managed to make more than many of my peers, without even caring about the whole issue. Perhaps that is why.

The way you make a bunch of money is you figure out what others want, and then you give it to them. Yes, that’s all. Ta-da.

You could become a plumber or an electrician or even an artist, but only if you are good at sales first (hehe).

But that’s still the first level of becoming rich, if that’s your goal. To become wealthy, you will eventually have to learn how to leverage other people’s time, talent and resources. In other words, you must have a business in order to make more than the average person on the street, because one person can’t compete against two people in terms of how much time is available, and two can’t compete against three.

Time is the most valuable resource a human has. It is not to be squandered. All truly wealthy people know this.

As an example of leverage, Shakespeare is rumoured to not have written all of his plays (if any). People suspect this because he was a poorly travelled man, but his plays exhibit knowledge that could only have been gained through extensive travel.

James Wilmot conducted a study into the whereabouts of Shakespeare in the 1700s. He couldn’t find any evidence of Shakespeare’s writing in Shakespeare’s own residence or the neighbouring houses or local libraries within 50 miles of the area. He found it odd that such a supposedly prolific writer had left behind no evidence of his own writing, be it in the form of letters or even random scribblings. He also claimed Shakespeare had never read a book in his life. This is also known as the Baconian Theory.

Is this true? I don’t know. But what it does suggest is that some of the all time greats might have also known how to leverage someone else’s time, talent and resources. Just like modern science, all that is important is that your name ends up being the one to claim the fame.

Note: Ghost writing is an extremely common practice.

I, by the way, know this to be the case. As a copywriter (or just a writer), your written word will be used by other people for mere pennies unless you manage to write a contract that benefits you as well. It’s harsh business.

What do we learn from all of this?

In order for you to become wealthy, you must first become good at marketing. Then you must figure out what other people want and give it to them. And finally, find a way to leverage other people’s time, talent and resources.

The Love Game

Source: Gemma Chua-Tran

Here we are. We’ve made it to the final piece of the article.

Clearly, if the goal of life is procreation, then the main game of life is the game of love.

Some will claim I’m wrong, but then I’ll point at the monolithic porn industry, and I think you’ll just have to agree with me on this: sex sells. And it sells for a reason.

That, and everyone knows what the oldest profession in the world is. It is so for a reason.

Its also a brutal game in nature: when a lion becomes the new leader of a pride, he will first kill all of the cubs left behind, and then impregnate the lionesses.

There is much to this topic, and I can’t possibly cover it all in one article. The goal here is to give you the best chance at success in the game of love.

The question is whether you want to be good at it? According to a 2021 study, 44% of marriages now end in divorce in the US. It’s also well-know that 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Then you need to take into account the number of sexless or unhappy marriages where stepping out is considered the norm. It is also known that women initiate 70% of all divorces.

Based on the statistics, the odds of you ending up in a traditionally happy marriage aren’t exactly great. This depends on the country of origin, too, of course.

What I can say is that that the law and the state have created incentives in which it is almost always beneficial for a woman to divorce the man, and it is disadvantageous for a man to be married to a woman because of it. We explored this idea in my previous article Thinking Critically With Thomas Sowell.

Be it as it may, at least now you know the risks involved. Next we’re going to discuss different strategies for both men and women.

Both men and women love sex. It is a common misconception to think men like it more than women. Women like sex about as much as men do, if not more, but they just aren’t socially allowed to show it.

What do I mean by this? Woman’s sexual market value derives from their youth, fertility and (lack of) accessibility. Men and women both know the value of your local town bicycle is nil. If everybody can use it, then you know it can’t be that great.

Man’s sexual market value derives almost entirely from experience. Experience in what? Whatever you like almost. One could say ‘just being confident’ is enough, but from what I’ve noticed, men have difficult time with this. They need external stuff to compensate for their lack of confidence in oneself.

It is true that there are gold diggers out there. They know exactly what they want and I don’t need to explain their antics to any of the readers. Most women are not like this.

That being said, most women will most definitely notice a nice car, a larger house and a wallet of great portion. Its good to have these things. In case you are looking for a long term partner, then it might even be recommended to have at least some of these items.

But what a man really need is clean-shaven cut (hair and beard), fitting clothes and potentially some extra points of interest to add character. I personally love watches, and women most definitely understand the value a genuine Swiss watch can have. But it doesn’t have to be a watch. Just find whatever suits you.

Hint: women do notice your shoes. And having some muscle helps.

Next a man needs to understand that women are socially much better calibrated than men are, and they kind of expect men to be that way too. Women give subtle (to the extreme) hints to men to indicate interest. But because women have an easier time than men when it comes to finding partners, they will not bother approaching you unless pick up on these hints.

The other reason why women expect you to pick up on these hints is because it shows you are experienced, and that you can handle social situations, which is women’s playground. They’d much rather be themselves as its more comfortable.

Source: Inside Weather

Okay, you’ve dressed nice and you’ve picked up on these secretive hints a lady has thrown at you (or maybe she hasn’t). It is time to make the approach. But what do you say to her?

I’ll tell you a secret: I’ve picked up women by simply using my eyes and body language, not saying a word. This is possible in places where you both don’t speak the same language. I’m not saying this to brag, but rather to tell you that what you say is not the end all be all when it comes to approaching women.

I already told you that masculine men talk less. That’s actually what women expect of you, because that’s what men do. Women are more social than men are, so they’ll do the talking if you let them.

So what does a man need to do then? Ask interesting questions. Be less direct. Imply more. And most importantly: listen to what she’s saying… and what she is implying. Women don’t always say what they mean, but you can pick up on what she actually means if you are paying attention.

Really, talking to women is no different from talking to men in the end. You can practice being social by talking to random people on the street, or even online. You will soon figure out what is worth talking about and what is not. Small talk is not sexy.

Let’s say the approach went well and you got her number, which was your goal, right?

Next you need to figure out how to ask her out on a date without messing up.

What creates value? Why is a Lamborghini valuable? Scarcity. Scarcity creates value. What is rare is valuable, and what is common is not as valuable. I won’t go into it more. Perhaps you’ll figure it out.

For women. I know your tactics. As a result, I know why you do what you do. Which is why I won’t reveal your secrets. Men are dogs, women are cats. That’s all that is required to know.

But what you might be interested in is how to keep a man. Its rather simple, really. Give him what he wants, but don’t make it too easy. Challenge him sometimes. A treat every now and then is nice. I figure most women already know this, but the vast majority of men keep failing at the basics.

There’s a song about what girls want. Girls just want to have fun.

To-Do List

The game of life is rather simple when you boil it all down to the basic principles.

At the end of the day, what you need to do is be you. There are ways to make being you easier, and one of those ways is to learn and master sales and marketing. This is the #1 skill in the world.

Next important skill is anything else that helps with human interaction, such as body language and psychology. Study these.

Finally, learn to leverage other people’s time, talent and resources. If you fail to do this, you will never be wealthy.

By doing all of this, everything else will follow.

P.S. don’t be fat if you can avoid it.

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