Reflection And Acceptance

It is the last day of 2021. What a truly bizarre year it has been.

For many it was a year of ups and downs. The hope is there were more ups and only a few downs.

It was also a reality bending year. Conspiracy theories have now become just plain conspiracies. This was always the case, but now its just blatant and easy for anyone to see.

And what did we learn?

I’m certain many went through a personal lesson. I’ve noticed the change in people as they’ve woken up from their slumber. This gives me hope for the future, but our work is not done. Not even close.

Some universal basic facts were also re-learned:

  • Follow the money. This will, more often than not, tell you the truth.
  • Study and learn from history. History is, as we speak, repeating itself – just this time it comes with a twist of globalism.
  • Self-reliance is the only thing one can count on.

Other than this, we also learned that mainstream media and the schooling system is falling apart. The propaganda is absolutely disgusting and indoctrination that’s being introduced around the globe in schools is wild and dystopian. Time to move to alternatives.

There’s also a religious/spiritual element to everything that is happening, and its now becoming more and more apparent. More on this later.

These were the major trends of 2021 from what I gathered. The rest of this article will be spent on discussing these issues further.

Lets start with this:

The Financial System

Source: John Moeses Bauan

The economic landscape is terrible as was predicted. Banks are now ‘changing the plumbing’ in the financial system around the world. This is happening quietly behind the scenes. Its a little too technical for this article, but the transition period from LIBOR to SOFR (or its equivalent in other countries) is going to spell trouble for financial markets.

Here’s a video on the topic in case you are interested:

Inflation is surging higher. This was rather easy to predict based on all the currency printing. The financial markets are now just a house of cards. One that is about to tip over.

An example of the ‘house of cards’ falling down was Evergrande in China. Many predicted the fall of Evergrande would be the Lehman Brothers moment of our current stock market bubble, but that remains to be seen. What we do know is that the story isn’t over and we’ve just begun to feel the ripple effects of the debt defaults, and that it will eventually be felt globally. We just don’t know when.

Of course, since we know of the trouble ahead, the central planners (who also caused the problem(s) in the first place…) have come up with a solution: global socialism/communism.

They don’t call it that. They talk about shareholder capitalism, but its essentially the same thing. Nothing good will come out of this.

Note: Did you know it was Karl Marx who played a major role in the definition of the word ‘capitalism’?

Here’s a video on the topic:

I already mentioned this, but inflation is heading higher. Some have noticed it, others have not. I have to say that in Finland it is not noticeable, yet.

Note: Oddly enough, increased inflation is not reflected on the gold and silver prices. This absolutely reeks of market manipulation. In due time, markets and prices will be faced with the reality.

But since I happen to work with international companies and I follow the data coming from Europe, I can confidently say that things aren’t looking as rosy in every country.

Food and energy prices are on the rise. As 2022 develops further, some of the lower classes in Europe will have to choose between heating their home and buying groceries. They call it an ‘energy crisis’, but I’d call a sudden 40% increase in prices a collapse. A collapse that will lead to it becoming a trend.

There’s also some issues producing fertilizer, and so the prices have gone up significantly. This is a global problem caused by wonderful climate policies. The increased costs will be passed down to the consumers.

Inflation and shortages? One should have already stocked up on goods, but now it has become mandatory.

Luckily for you, there’s also a way to profit from this. Following Gregory can help:

In short: our financial situation is about as bad as predicted. It’ll get worse in 2022, don’t worry about that. There’s also the possibility of bank bail-ins in the future as the financial system implodes in on itself.

Fun times ahead. I hope you’re prepared.

Listening to Thomas Sowell could have helped us avoid these problems.

Next topic:


Source: Priscilla Du Preez

Science in no longer science. I already talked about this in Your Life Is A Lie.

What is science? Whatever ‘they’ tell you it is.

And if what you’re spouting isn’t in line with the ‘already agreed upon’ science, then you must now also be silenced for your opinions. I can’t believe thoughts have become crimes. Orwell warned us about this.

The worst part is that the people who are actual scientist know its all a lie. Yet, they decide to go on with it because their funding depends on them agreeing with what they’re being told. What kind of moral values does this represent? Where is your backbone?

The same goes for history and the medical field. I have many friends who work as healthcare professionals. For most of them, too, their work and their pay check depends on them agreeing with what is coming from above.

One example of this is Darwinism and evolutionary science. No, the science is not settled. Yes, I know many readers will scoff at what I just said, but there are two ways it is not settled.

First reason it is not settled is based on the belief that comes from the Bible. That belief is that humans were created perfect (and in his image) by God. I personally do not fully subscribe to this idea, but it is possible.

The second, and more stressing reason is that the ‘already agreed upon’ science could be plain wrong. The already agreed upon science claims that homo sapiens evolved in Africa due to changes in the climate around 300 000 years ago. Nearly all scientists believe this to be true. Based on what exactly?

I’m asking this, because there is evidence of human (homo sapiens) existence from way beyond this point in history. Millions of years to be exact.

Michael Cremo has done extensive research into this topic:

Scientists can’t argue with many of the facts that he’s presented. Yet, they must disagree with his conclusions. Their funding depends on them disagreeing with Cremo’s findings. So, once again, is the science settled, or is it just something we all agreed on for whatever reason? Science is not science if facts can’t change the conclusion.

Also, while human sapiens could have been around for much longer than estimated by mainstream historians/scientists/archaeologists, it doesn’t mean that evolutionary theory itself is necessarily bogus.

I also need to add that Charles Darwin was a known a Freemason.

About Freemasonry:

‘The esoterical principle of Freemasonry, and of Christianity and of Judaism,

Manual of Freemasonry, Richard Carlile

What we can gather from this is that the sun is somewhat important to them and that science is a kind of religion.

This is from the same book, by the way:

Baal. The Sun, the Lord.

Manual of Freemasonry, Richard Carlile


Sun-worship and science as a ‘religion’ has gone so well in the past that I’m sure it’ll work this time.

But what does all of this have to do with what’s going on today?

Well, you see, someone at the top has decided only certain kind of science is now accepted. Specifically science regarding the medical field and climate change.

History, too, is apparently something that can’t be argued about. Not even when new evidence presents itself.

What kind of a world are we headed into when hard science is ignored?

Propaganda and lies. Exactly what one would expect from a socialist/communist regime. They usually end up having strong enforcers to make sure everyone is equally miserable.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had much to say about this, but here’s also a short video:

Next stop:

Spirituality and Religion

There has been a great spiritual awakening around the world. Many are starting to realize that what ever is happening – it can not be taken on with fists. Though, the situation may still escalate to that point.

Did you notice the new UN statue? Here it is:

Looks a bit weird, doesn’t it? Here’s a quote from the Bible:

‘And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.’

The Bible, Revelation 13:2

Ominous. And spot on. At least the people in power have a great sense of humour.

I have to say, openly mocking God like this is probably not the greatest of ideas.

But since they’re clearly following the script given by the Bible, we should expect a ‘Mark of the Beast’ at some point. And other really fun things. One should read the Revelations to learn more.

If you are religious, you know what you should be doing.

If not, you should at least consider becoming a little spiritual yourself. A little bit of it might be handy in the days to come. Meditating is known to relief stress.

Not quite sure what else to say here. Time for goodbyes:

To A New Year

Source: Zan

In 2020 I had to make the choice: to go and live in Hong Kong, or to stay in Finland. Reluctantly, I chose to remain in Finland. It turns out to have been the right choice.

2021 was unremarkable in many ways. It came and went by fast. Life’s short is what we learned. A pity so many have to spent all their time in a proverbial prison. And too many do it by choice.

But, many things did change. There are great signs of trouble ahead. The situation will escalate in 2022.

The times may be troubling, but everything is not lost. A great hope remains.

2022 should be a year of action for everyone. As things get tough, ask for spiritual guidance. You’ll know what to do if you do some soul searching.

God helps those who help themselves.

With that, I wish all my readers a happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “Reflection And Acceptance

  1. Very good summary. I agree that the science is not settled on many many issues, but science is the new religion and if you don’t ‘believe’ you are a heretic, because scientists are ‘gods’ … We are currently in the end times which is why everything is upside-down and inverted. Next ten years are going to be a bumpy ride … (especially the next 5). I agree that there’s happening a spiritual awakening at the same time, which is very positive. We can gain a lot from understanding the metaphysical context that we are and some of the ancient civilizations had a lot to say about that, the Mayans and Vedics especially, but the Bible too provides for insight. We are entering a time when spirituality will become more and more important as circumstances deteriorate (that’s always the case when darkness descends). Thanks for your informative posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment. We’re living in interesting times. Like you said, it’ll be tough for the next few of years, but we’ll make it through.

      Spirituality and trusting in oneself (as well as one’s instincts) is the way to go from this point on.

      Liked by 1 person

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